This I Believe: Self Expression


By: Christian Creighton COMM 201
Instructor: Nancy Rishor

Of all of the things that I believe in I think one stands high above the rest and that is importance in the expression of ones self. Expression is something very human, something that we can’t hide, something that give us purpose. The expression of one’s true self is a phenomenon that not everyone experiences in there life time.

In my own personal self expression I get the most out of myself when I practice martial arts. To me, in my personal opinion martial arts are the art of naturally and truly expressing ones self. You must always be yourself, have faith and express yourself truly and honestly; you must not go out looking for a personality to duplicate because of someone else’s success. You must stay true and be you. When trying to find what it is that helps you express yourself a teacher can only take you so far, he/she cannot teach you, just help you to truly explore yourself. I personally believe that expression is one of the most important things to achieve in life.

when I was a kid, I was bullied daily by the same people from Kindergarten to Grade 7. It got bad to the point where I would believe the things the kids said to me.  as I got older the more and more overweight I got. Sad to say, but that just added another thing for these kids to tear me apart about. I ended up making two good friends and we stuck together, but because of me they ended up becoming victims as well.

This started to change when I discovered Martial Arts. I got into Jiu-jitsu and Boxing with a little bit of Teakwondo. These things  gave me confidence. My sensei’s never put me down. They cheered me on and helped me discover something very close to my heart. I practiced and practiced more, getting better drove me and took me away from everything, when I was doing martial arts I could freely express myself more than I ever had before.

The bullying went on for a little longer, one day in grade 7 I couldn’t take it anymore. I told the main bully that I was going to fight him, and that I did. I won, but it isn’t about that. Next I told them and the principal exactly how I felt. From that day on they never bullied me ever again. Now I know that it sounds like something straight out of a movie except for the fact that it really happened. That was my life, that’s how I started my journey to self expression. A key to happiness is what I finally discovered. A path to truth within myself. Whenever i need it, I know that Martial arts will let me feel free.

There’s one thing that can set you apart as an individual, there is a uniqueness inside of us all. Just find what you feel free with and take it, embrace it and express yourself with it. At a first glance this all may have seemed kind of preachy, but at its core there is a very inspirational and important message in my opinion. Deep to the center of my core, that is what I believe.


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